A Vision for Partnership –
Not Division

Extreme partisanship is harming our state. Typical politicians aren’t listening, and they haven’t gotten us where we need to be. Erin believes politics should be different. She believes in honesty, listening and service – not just scheming to get re-elected.

The last few years, she’s spent a lot of time at the state Capitol urging politicians to do the right things for our kids and our communities by funding our schools and supporting our families.

Most issues transcend party lines, such as improving education, growing our economy, and improving healthcare. Erin is ready to find common sense solutions that do the most good.


Public Schools

Public education is foundational to our democracy. Every student deserves an excellent neighborhood school with caring classroom teachers.

The mass exodus of teachers from the classroom is our public schools’ greatest challenge. Let’s tone down the false rhetoric and work together to support teachers and students.


As a small business owner, Erin understands that family businesses are vital to our communities. To be successful, companies need healthy, skilled employees.

The strength of our economy is directly tied to our quality of life. The investments our state makes in great public schools and universities, accessible healthcare, reliable infrastructure, and affordable housing allow our businesses to grow while attracting new corporate ventures.


Retired constituents who are facing rising health care and living expenses are top of mind for Erin. Her own parents live in the district, and she understands the difficulties of navigating a complicated health care system. Erin believes in policies that will help simplify health care billing, solve the nursing shortage and lower prescription drug prices.


As a taxpayer, you have a right to transparent, accountable government. Erin will ensure your tax dollars are used wisely.